Callaway Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are a necessity in the golf game, and they are usually mentioned as often as possible, like other equipment used in the game. The presence of gloves in the game of golf is so underrated that you miss its importance and function.

Different types of gloves can be found in the market, and the chore of choosing one can be so confusing. This is because there is more to it than just looking out for the right size for you.

A glove should be slightly sticky in contradiction to human skin. This helps to have a light grip pressure of the golf ball and, at the same time, still being in control. The model glove should be flexible, durable, comfortable, and also of use in various situations. Special gloves are also available for extreme measures like heavy downpour or cold.

Different materials are used in the process of manufacturing gloves, hence the following existence. Cabretta leather gloves, synthetic gloves, multi-compound gloves (a combination of synthetics and leather), to mention but a few.

Why Callaway Golf Glove?

Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove is a 100% all leather glove which has a great feel and grip. It is the true classic that still maintains its worldwide fame. It is also not very expensive, even with its amazing features.


  • 99% comfort
  • 97.4% overall
  • 100% grip
  • 98% durability
  • 90% of technology
  • 100% fit
  • Soft
  • Elegant


  • It becomes slippery when wet.
  • It is not as breathable as modern fabrics

Features of Callaway Golf Glove

  • Durability: This is a well made all-leather glove that can serve you for about 15 rounds of the game before it wears out. For an average golfer, this means lots of months after purchase. Another way to preserve the life span of the glove is to take it off after every shot and letting it rest for at least a day before reusing. Also, for frequent golfers, purchase more of this glove as it is not very expensive so that you can change in between games. All these extend the lifespan of your glove.
  • Cost: This golf glove is gotten at a much rate than other big shot brand names; however, they are well maid just as the major manufacturers.
  • Fit: Callaway golf glove is comfortable, soft, and perfectly fitted. The Velcro tabs also grab well and give access to a great feeling about the golf glove.
  • Slippery: This glove is not specified for the rainy weather at all. This is because the glove absorbs water quickly, which in turn makes the club wet. Letting your Callaway golf glove get water-soaked or sweat-soaked is a bad idea. Once any of these two things is happening, put it away and change to the one especially for wet weather.

Unless you wish to wear gloves on both hands, the appropriate place to wear your glove is on the lead hand. This is the left hand for right-handed people and right hand for left-handed people. The lead hand takes more impact during the swing, hence the wearing of gloves. Wearing a glove on your lead hand also helps usually prevent painful blisters and calluses. So, ensure that you put on your gloves when playing, dry out wet gloves to have a fun-filled game.

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